Hello! We’re the Phoenix Comics Collective, a group of indie comic creatives who are sharing resources, advice, and encouragement to boost each other’s work, and to contribute to the independent comics-making scene. We’re kind of like a studio, but we’re virtual. We’re kind of like that meme that makes you pick which table to sit at, but we’re like, no, you all come sit at our table, because we like lots of things at this table, and
we like you, too!

That’s why, when we’re not hyping each other up, we’re looking around to lift up other voices, projects, and groups that contribute to a more inclusive comics community.
We want to make and elevate stories - and creators - that celebrate all races, faiths, genders, sexualities, identities, or creeds.
(we’ve got no affection for antagonizers and hate.)

Comics themselves are our goal. We’re storytellers of the pen and panel, and when we make stories in this medium, we want our readers to experience something they can only get from text and image living side-by-side.

So, if you think of indie comics like a scene, of comics makers as peers, of your pursuit of art and writing as something worth your time and others’ attention: hello. You’re gonna be seeing us around online and at cons.
Our banner means it’s cool to come over and hang out.

The Phoenix Comics Collective is here.
Let’s make some fire comics.